In my artwork I explore aspects of liminality in time and space, architecture and sacred spaces, topophilia and the personal nature of meditation. My art comes from the feeling, knowingly unknowing place in my soul. If I knew what I was doing at the start of the adventure of each painting, each artwork, where would be the fun in that? I see creativity as discovery rather than invention.

Ravenna (see all artworks →)

During its long history Ravenna has been the capital of the Roman, Ostrogothic and Byzantine empires and was known in the ancient world as Ravenna Felix, Happy or Fortunate Ravenna. My experience of Ravenna was both happy and fortunate, and the city is now one of my favourite places.

Scottish Themes (see all artworks →)

My love for Scotland, its landscapes, history and culture are explored in this section of the portfolio.

Venice (see all artworks →)

The movement of light on water, marble and mosaic dissolves into air the facades of the palazzi on the Grand Canal and views of Venice from the lagoon to the Dolomite Mountains in the distance emphasise the fragility of this city built in water.
Susana North-Bates

Susana North-Bates